Summer Gardening Tips: Keep your garden green in summer with these methods

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As soon as the summer starts, the temperature in many areas of the country also crosses 40 degrees. While it is difficult for people to tolerate this temperature, it also becomes very difficult for the trees and plants and animals and birds to tolerate it. In this season, just as we have to protect ourselves from more sun and heat, trees and plants also need to be taken special care of. Many trees begin to wither away from excessive heat. In such a situation, you should focus on taking care of your garden right from the beginning of summer. If you are gardening for the first time or you do not have much experience in gardening, then today we are telling you how you can keep your garden green in summer.

In the summer, we talked to Annette Mathew, a gardening expert from Thane, about how to take care of trees and plants. Annette says that it is not enough just to give more water to plants in summer, but you should also know what is the right time to water. Because, if you water the plants at the wrong time, it will not be beneficial for them.

How to take care of trees in summer:

Annette Matthews

1. Change the place of plants:

In the summer, there is intense sunlight for a long time. Therefore, plants which cannot withstand strong sunlight, you should keep them in some shade area. If you have some big tree trees, then you can also keep small plants under their shade.

2. Can be planted for plants’ gardening Shednet‘:

To protect trees and plants from the harsh sunlight, you can also place a shadenet over your balcony or terrace garden. Due to this, strong sunlight will not fall on the plants directly and there will be no damage to the plants. Also, make sure that your plants do not touch any metal mesh in the ceiling or balcony. Because, metal gets very hot due to sunlight. In this case, if the branches or leaves of the plant remain in contact with this metal for a long time, then it starts drying up. Therefore, you should try whether your balcony or roof mesh is also under the shade of ‘Green Net’ or you can put a separate cloth on it.

3. Take special care of giving water

In summer, trees and plants need more water and the soil of the pots begins to dry quickly. Therefore, you must water the plants at least twice a day. But, also keep in mind that every plant is different from another. Some plants require more water and some need normal amount of water. Therefore, you should give water well, but it should not be so much that your plants start spoiling.

It is important to note that you water the plants at the right time. In summer it is always appropriate to give water in the morning and evening. If you give water in the afternoon, due to the strong sunlight and heat, this water will dry up quickly and the plants will not get it. But the water, given in the morning and evening, maintains moisture in the soil for a long time.

Summer Gardening Tips
A way of giving water

Also, if you do not get enough time that you can water the plants again and again, you can adopt some #DIY ways. For example, in the old plastic bottle lid, make small holes and fill the bottle with water and cover it. Now put this bottle in the pot near the plant, upside down and in the soil. By doing this, the soil in the pot pot will remain moist for a long time and there will be no need to water again and again.

4. Spray water on branches and leaves of trees.

Along with watering the plants, spraying water on their branches and leaves is also good. You can use a ‘sprayer’ for this purpose. You can sprinkle water on the plants once in the morning and in the afternoon between three and four o’clock. However, keep in mind that you cannot spray on all types of plants, such as – There is no need to spray on succulent plants. Therefore, try to understand the needs of your plants.

5. Fill water in a pot or jar near the plants

In summer, if you keep water in an open vessel, it evaporates. Which creates moisture in the atmosphere. When summer is at its peak, you can store water in a glass jar, tub or pot near your plants. This will keep moisture in the surroundings of the plants and will help the plants to remain green. However, you have to keep changing this water every day so that the insect does not thrive in it. Also, plants that need more moisture, you should also keep them in one place together. These plants help each other retain moisture.

Summer Gardening Tips
Put stone and water in the tray like this, keep the flowerpot on top of it

Also, you put some small stones in a large tray, fill it with water. After filling the water, you can place the plant pots on top of these stones. Due to this, the plants will get constant moisture.

6. Mulching

‘Mulching’ is very beneficial for the plants during the summer season. For this, you water the plants well in all the pots. Then put dry leaves, weed or some wet cloth around the plants in all the pots. This will keep moisture in the pots in the soil for a long time and there will be no need to water again and again. However, while mulching, keep in mind that you keep a layer of weed or leaves light and you can put wood ash on it.

7. Pay attention to each plant

Matthew says that every two-three days, you should keep inspecting all the plants in your garden. If the leaves of a plant are drying up or there is some other problem, then you will be able to solve it in a timely manner. Also, there are many such plants which, even after taking full care, cannot bear the heat and wither away. If some of your plants get spoiled, then you should plant more new plants so that your garden is green.

Pay attention to every plant

should should not

  • Try not to give ‘solid manure’ plants during the summer season.
  • In summer, plants should never be ‘repotted’.
  • In addition, prune the plants before the summer starts or when the summer is over.

Make liquid manure

In summer always try to give liquid manure to the plants. If you wish, you can give ‘CV extract’ manure mixed with water and give it to the plants. Apart from this, you can also make liquid manure from organic wastes from the kitchen like fruit-vegetables and egg shells. He said, “Never put peels directly in pots. Always make their manure and put it in the plants. This will provide quick nutrition to the plants. ”

In addition, you should keep food for the birds and water separately in your garden. If there are large trees in your house, you can put ‘bird feeders’ on their branches for birds or, in your terrace and balcony, eat food in a pot and also keep water separately. In the end, she only suggests that you plan for summer plant care according to the temperature of your area. Because, even in the care of care many times, we spoil the plants. Therefore, take care of plants keeping the temperature in mind and according to their need.

You can also watch Annette’s YouTube channel for more information on plant care.

Happy Gardening!

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