Planter made from waste, plants planted with cuttings! Learn ‘Zero Budget Gardening’ from them

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Many people think that ‘gardening’ is a costly hobby. Therefore, people often shy away from gardening in their home. But there are many such gardeners who have proved this wrong. Today we are introducing you to Vijaya Tiwari of Uttar Pradesh. Who started gardening in the roof and balcony of their house, in minimal means and now through YouTube, teach millions of ‘Zero Budget Gardening’ or ‘Creative’ ways of gardening at least cost She has been

Vijaya Tiwari, who lives in Prayagraj, has been gardening on her terrace for the past several years. The most interesting thing about his terraced garden is that you will get to see very good examples of ‘Best Out of West’ here. Her specialty is that she uses the waste from her home for gardening. For example, composters from organic waste, planters from plastic bottles, cartons or empty packets. Most plants are planted with cuttings. In addition, other types of garbage, such as a broken toy, she uses it as a decoration in the garden.

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Talking to The Better India, he told about his gardening journey.

Zero Budget Gardening
Vijaya Tiwari

Big start with less means:

She says, “I grew up in Kanpur and have been fond of trees since childhood. I used to plant saplings in old plastic bottles in my maternal house in a similar way. I thought of using it for gardening. Sometimes there would be failure, sometimes success. Then, after marriage, she came to Prayagraj and took up household responsibilities here. But, when the children got a little older and smarter, then why not re-live their gardening hobby! ”

Vijaya is fond of gardening but, in the beginning, she did not buy plants or pots etc. She did gardening exactly as she used to do in her childhood. She used to make planters for the plants from the useless things lying in the house. From the park or someone’s garden in their vicinity, they used to plant any plant cuttings on their roof. In this sequence, they used plastic cans, packets, sacks, buckets, broken tubs etc. to plant from their home.

Zero Budget Gardening
Make a hanging garden with plastic bottles

As the plants in his garden grew, so did his gardening methods. Previously, she was using only soil for plants. But after a time, she wondered where she would bring the soil again and again. Therefore, he started making compost himself. Instead of throwing away all the organic waste from the house, she would collect it to make manure. Today no organic waste goes out of their house.

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She says, “I did not know how to make compost but, if I tried once or twice, I started getting success.” To do gardening, patience is most needed. Because, there are failures in it many times and if we give up only once we fail, we will never be able to do gardening. ”

Today, there are lots of trees and plants in his garden along with all kinds of seasonal vegetables as well as fruits and flowers. These include vegetables like green chilli, capsicum, gheea, gourd, bitter gourd, chaulai, brinjal, beans, chakundar, spinach, peppermint, turmeric, carrots and flowering plants like marigold, jaggery, rose, chrysanthemum, kachanar, lilium.

Zero Budget Gardening
Grow vegetables

Teaches gardening on YouTube:

Vijaya says that whenever she talked to someone about gardening, people often told them that it costs a lot of money and you cannot do gardening without a gardener. Vijaya tries to convince such people that they can do gardening without spending too much. She says she started her own YouTube channel to teach gardening to people in lesser means. Through this, she wants to spread her experience and methods of gardening to as many people as possible.

His channel name is ‘Vijaya’s Creative Garden’. He has more than one and a half lakh subscribers. She makes videos on different topics related to gardening to help people doing gardening for the first time. She says that she has used the word ‘creative’ in the channel’s name because, she teaches people to do gardening in creative ways. He said, “You can do gardening with the means available in your home. Just be interested in you. Because, once you befriend the plants, planting two or four plants does not fill the mind. Then you want to plant new plants and you see things related to gardening in everything around you. ”

Zero Budget Gardening
‘Best Out of West’

She further explains that even if there is very little sunlight in your house, there are many vegetables that you can plant. You can grow microgreens, mustard, fennel, celery, cumin, spinach, fenugreek, soy, lettuce etc. To apply them, you do not need to take any flowerpot separately. If you have any plastic containers or containers whose depth is more than five inches, then you can use them.

To people living in flats etc. in big cities, she advises to do ‘vertical gardening’ in the balcony. She says that you can set up hanging or vertical gardens using old, useless plastic bottles. It takes some effort but, when many types of small and big plants are planted in it, it looks very beautiful. If you want to grow vegetables, you can start with some green leafy vegetables like peppermint, spinach, coriander etc. It is not necessary that you do everything together. You plant one by one and with each plant, you learn something new.

In the end, she just says that if you are fond of gardening, you can complete it at the least cost. Everyone should plant some plants at their home so that the environment is good and you children should also be sensitive to the plants. If you want to contact Vijaya Tiwari, you can connect with her Facebook page.

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