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More value for one’s money! Grow mango tree from kernels in just 6 steps

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Since childhood, I used to think that there should be a big garden in my house too. In which there are mango trees and in the summer season, I can enjoy ‘Mango’, the king of fruits. To tell the truth, I also made many efforts to plant mango plants in my house. But, I did not get success then. I feel sad now thinking how many mango peels and their seeds we had been throwing away for years like this. Then perhaps I would have known some way through which I could make mango plants in my house using them properly. I came to know about the right methods of growing mango trees at home a few years ago.

I tried to find ways to germinate mango seeds or kernels at home. Also, I also tried to know if mango kernels can be planted at home without processing. The truth is that somehow I wanted to see the mango plant growing in my house, for this I did a lot of experiments.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, I finally got success and learned the right way to sprout small seeds (How to Grow Mango From Seed). Then I started to realize that the seeds with which I could plant mangoes, so far no one knows how many seeds went waste like this. Therefore, now whenever I see these seeds in vain, I feel as if I am losing a plant, which may later become a fruitful tree. It was not possible for me to plant saplings from whatever mango was consumed in my family. Then I started thinking what else can be made from mango seeds?

How to Grow Mango Tree at Home
Naina Sarda

I was quite surprised to know that mango seeds have been used in our country as a mouth freshener, eaten after meals. More importantly, mango seed powder is considered beneficial for those who are struggling with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Immediately after learning about all these things, I started collecting every seed to either sprout or process.

It has been three years now, when I had grown a mango plant for the first time in my house. That plant is still in my terrace garden. During the lockdown last year, I did many experiments on the ways in which mango seeds can be sprouted from fruits.

In one particular method, I successfully germinated more than 30 seeds in very few resources (How to Grow Mango From Seed).

How to Grow Mango Tree at Home

For this, I used mango seeds, coconut coats, water and a container with a lid. After the seeds sprouted, I used a milk packet to plant them, so that people who want to grow a mango plant at home would be able to give it easily.

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Grow mango plants at home with these 6 easy steps:

1: After removing the mango pulp, clean its kernels thoroughly.

2: Carefully open or cut the kernels, without damaging the seeds inside it.

3: Peel off a thin brown layer of small seed and clean it.

4: In a container with a few coats of coconut, place the washed seeds and sprinkle water.

5: Cover this container with a lid and keep it in shade.

6: When you start feeling dry like coconut coats, then sprinkle water in them in a few days. Keep in mind that sprinkle as much water, so that the pots become moist.

Within a few days, the seeds should begin to germinate. In 10 days, the seeds should start to grow a few inches long roots from one side and the stalks or stems should start growing from the other side.

How To Grow Mango Tree At Home

Then it can be covered with potting mix by applying it in a small pot. Keep it in a place where there is good sunlight.

How To Grow Mango Tree At Home

After planting sprouted mango seeds, within a few days many of these leaves start growing.

How To Grow Mango Tree At Home

In this way, you will get to see something new in your garden every week. For 30 days after planting the seed, it is very special to see the changes in it.

Use of mango peel

Speaking of mango peels, I have started using them as fertilizer. I mix these peels in a little soil and cover them with a lid. Which gives me easy nutrient-rich fertilizer at home. Another advantage of this is that you can prevent these waste or wet waste from the kitchen from going into the landfill and make nutritious manure for your plants.

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