Left the job, did not have any land, still earn from agriculture, know how

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After completion of studies, the youth are often advised to do a good job or a government job somewhere. Anil Thadani, who hails from Jaipur in Rajasthan, was advised to do the same when he completed his masters in the subject of ‘Agriculture’. She worked as an assistant professor at Vivekananda Global University for a year and then quit her job and started her own nursery, ‘Paadshalam’. Along with the nursery, he is also advising other farmers on organic farming.

Anil told The Better India, “Our family does not do farming, but I have done my graduation and masters in agriculture.” During my studies, I also did organic farming. We had to work with the farmers in the fields, for our projects and internships. In this way, my farming experience was good at the grassroots level. ”

After studying, in the year 2018, he moved to his hometown Jaipur and started teaching here at the university. Along with this, he also started looking after farming. Anil met farmers in the surrounding villages and taught them the methods of organic farming. He explains, “It was only after about a year of work that I understood that I wanted to work at the grassroots level. The pleasure I get from planting saplings and saving wilted plants with biological methods, may never give any government job. Therefore, along with my job, I also worked in organic farming. ”

Organic Farming
Anil Thadani, Parshalam

Gardens are being put in people’s homes

In the year 2020, Anil quit his job and started his nursery work from the roof of his house and in this work he invested around 14,000 rupees. He says that he initially bought some trees and saplings etc. and started preparing more plants from them. His work was greatly affected by the lockdown but, he did not give up. He used that time to do many new things.

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He says, “As my work grew after the lockdown, I shifted my nursery from the roof of the house to a ‘100 yards’ space.” I am also doing terraced gardening at home. There are 4,500 trees in my nursery today. Apart from this, I also provide other essential things related to trees and plants to the urban people and farmers. ”

Organic Farming
People have planted vertical and hydroponic gardens here

He told, “During my studies, I have learned to make different types of fertilizers, nutrient solutions, potting mixes through biological methods. We prepare fertilizers and fertilizers for our nurseries and farmers in scientific ways. All our work is in the biological field. Along with the nursery, we are also offering the service of setting up different types of gardens like hydroponic, vertical, terraced gardens in people’s homes. ”

So far, Anil has installed hydroponic setups in nine houses and vertical and terraced gardens in more than 10 houses. He also keeps going from time to time to look after them.

Organic Farming
Make organic manure and nutrition

Anil says that his work has been greatly affected by the Corona epidemic and the lockdown. Nevertheless, he has managed to get a turnover of three lakh rupees in a year and he hopes that his work will increase further.

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Gives training to farmers

Apart from running his own nursery, Anil is also helping people to do organic farming in four different farms. He trains farmers to develop new methods of farming, organic manure, insect repellent, etc. Around 25 farmers at his level are connected. Whom he helps in farming. Regarding this entire process, Anil explains, “First of all, meeting the farmers, their problem is understood. They first share their experience, then I share what I have learned with them. Next, we decide the method of farming. For example, somewhere where the crops are grown by dividing the field into different parts, then layer-farming is done somewhere. All crops are grown by organic means. ”

Organic Farming
Do organic farming in different ways

In addition, he is also working with the Center for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society, a Jaipur-based social organization working in agriculture. Through this organization, he is training around 2500 farmers in different groups.

Ram Pratap Meena, a farmer living in Khora Bisal, Jaipur, says that earlier in his two-acre guava orchard, excessive parrots were a waste of fruits. But now for almost eight months, he has been working under Anil’s guidance. With the help of Anil, now his garden is full of fruits.

Anil has used different methods to save the fruits in his garden such as covering the fruits with cloth and spraying them with some organic solution so that the birds stay away from the fruits.

Finally, Anil says, “I supply all kinds of vegetables in my house through the terraced garden.” Apart from this, grains, pulses etc. are supplied to the people from the fields for which I advise. I am happy that I am doing my mind work. Also, the house is getting pure food, that too without buying or renting land anywhere. I am benefiting from this and farmers are also getting help. ”

If you are also interested in organic farming or gardening, you can contact Anil on 08619008455.

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