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Learn from gardening expert Brahmadev Kumar, easy ways to make organic NPK fertilizer at home

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People gardening in their home courtyard, terrace or balcony are always looking for good organic manure options for their plants. People who have been doing gardening for many years mostly make themselves composted with many types of nutrition. But, for those who have recently started gardening or are just learning about gardening, it is not easy to make organic manure at home. Therefore, you can start with the easily made organic ‘NPK fertilizer’. NPK manure means fertilizer that contains elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Brahmadev Kumar, a horticulturist in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, says that for plants to grow, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are needed most. Therefore, you should try to keep your plants fertilized with NPK in between. For this, you do not necessarily have to buy any fertilizer from outside, rather you can gather some organic things and prepare organic NPK manure at home. You can also use organic waste from your kitchen to prepare NPK manure.

Brahmadev explains, “There are many things around us that provide good amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and which we can use for plants. Such as cow dung, vermicompost, mustard cake, peanut cake, tea leaf manure, and fishmeal, etc., all three elements are found in them, but they have the highest nitrogen content. Similarly, there is a high amount of phosphorus in bonemeal and at the same time, it also contains calcium. At the same time, wood ash has the highest amount of potassium. ”

Organic NPK Fertilizer
Brahmadev kumar

How to create:

Brahmadev Kumar is telling us today how you can make nutritious fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for your plants at home.

1. If you want to make potassium-rich fertilizer for plants, you can use banana, potato, cucumber and orange peel for this. If all four things are not available together, then you can also take any of these two types of fruits.

To make manure, you have to keep the quantity of the peels between 200-400 grams. Cut the skin into small pieces with a knife or scissors. After slicing, put these peels in one and a half liters of water. Now put 50 gm jaggery solution in it. After this, cover this mixture in a shade area. You filter this mixture after about 10 days. The liquid you get after filtering is rich in potassium and also contains some amount of phosphorus. You can give this liquid periodically with water to your plants or you can spray it on the plants.

Organic NPK Fertilizer
Banana, potato, orange and cucumber peels and jaggery

2. You can also make fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from tea leaves, onion shells and egg shells. First of all, collect the onion shells instead of throwing them away. After making tea, collect the remaining tea leaf and wash it with clean water once or twice. After washing, dry it somewhere in the shade area. Cut the egg shells into small pieces as well. When the tea leaves dry well, grind these three things together with a mixer grinder. Before grinding all three things, make sure that they are well dried. NPK ingredients will be available in the powder you will get after grinding.

You can mix this mixture in the soil before preparing the potting mix for them, before planting them. Apart from this, you can also put the soil around the plants in the pot in the middle, in between.

3. You can also make liquid manure with onion peels. For this, you put onion peels in water and cover it with a lid. Gradually the color of this water will start changing. After about a week, you can filter this liquid and store it in a bottle and then keep giving this liquid manure to the plants according to the need of your plants.

4. In addition, you can make long-term, NPK-rich liquid manure in another way. To make this compost, you have to take 200 grams mustard cake, 200 grams neem cake, 250 grams banana peels, 250 grams orange peel, 150 grams bonmeil, 50 grams garlic paste, 250 ml buttermilk, and 150 grams desi jaggery.

Organic NPK Fertilizer
NPK-rich liquid manure

Now take five liters of clean water with no chlorine in a bucket. First of all you mix jaggery in this water and make a solution. When this solution is formed, then you mix all other things in it. Now cover the bucket with a lid and place it on the shade area. You have to stir this mixture at least once a day with the help of some wood. After about ten days, you sieve this mixture and fill the liquid in a bottle.

While filling the liquid in the bottle, keep in mind that the bottle is not full. Because, the process of ‘decompos’ goes on for a long time in this liquid and gas is produced in it. This gas should also have a place in the bottle for it to be collected. Brahmdev Kumar says, “The bottle of liquid manure containing NPK is stored in a bottle or shade area in the bottle you are storing.” For about two-three weeks after storage, gas will continue to be produced in the liquid. So, every day you open the bottle lid, keep extracting the gas slowly. ”

To add to the plants, you have to add this liquid manure to the water. Shake the bottle well and then take 30-60 ml of liquid in it and mix it in one liter of water. Now you can add this water to the plants according to the need. Enriched with NPK, you can store this liquid manure for four to six months.

Brahmadev Kumar says that if you give NPK-rich fertilizer to the plants regularly, then all your plants will grow well. Liquid fertilizer is a very good method for early growth in plants. Also, try to use composting instead of throwing away organic waste from your home. Because, this compost is suitable for your plants in every way.

So what are you waiting for, make this wonderful nutritious manure for your plants today. For other information related to horticulture, you can watch the YouTube channel of Brahmadev Kumar.

Happy Gardening!

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