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Haryana: Vermicomposting unit of MNC started leaving, earning in lakhs

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Nirmal Singh Sidhu, 33, who lives in Karnal, Haryana, comes from a family of farmers and today runs his Vermicomposting business (earthworm composting unit) under the name of ‘Har Kirpa Organics’. Hundreds of farmers from around Karnal buy high-quality organic manure from him and he is also teaching many farmers to make compost for free. Along with the organic manure business, Nirmal Singh is also doing farming in organic ways. Their aim is to feed their families healthy food and provide organic fertilizer of the highest quality to the farmers.

Nirmal Singh has studied computer engineering and has also worked in a multinational company for a few years. In the year 2019, he quit his job and started his vermicomposting unit and is making good profits from it today.

Businesslend Talking to him, he said that even after his studies, for two-three years he had tried his hand in farming because he did not want to get away from his land. But, by doing farming through normal methods, he did not save much, but he also had to take a loan. Nirmal Singh says that after this, he decided to take up a job and started working in a multinational company.

He told, “I worked there for three-four years and when I left my job, my salary was one and a half lakh rupees per month. The reason behind leaving the job was that I wanted to do a large scale business on my own land. ”

Nirmal Singh Si
Nirmal Singh

Introduced vermicomposting unit:

Nirmal Singh says that he always wanted to do a business. So while on the job, when he had saved so much that he could invest somewhere, he decided to quit the job. He added, “I wanted to do something that is connected to the ground but, I did not have to depend on the market. Then I got the idea of ​​Vermicomposting business and I decided to learn it. ”

He took training in Vermicomposting business from different places. Nirmal says that he has four and a half acres of his own land. In November 2019, he decided to start the unit on his half-acre plot of land. However, he initially set up four-five composting beds and gradually increased his work. Today they have 100 composting beds, from which they get about six thousand quintals of organic manure annually. He is selling this manure to the farmers living within the 15 km border of Karnal.

Vermicomposting business
Planted 100 composting beds

47-year-old farmer Surgeet Virk has been buying earthworm fertilizer from Nirmal Singh for the last two years. Virk says that he has planted a polyhouse on his 12 acres of land, in which he grows vegetables. To grow organic vegetables, he is buying about 400 quintals of fertilizer every year from Nirmal Singh. He said, “The quality of their earthworm manure is very good. We have also visited his unit and seen how he makes manure and hence he has confidence in him. ”


Says Nirmal Singh, “Vermicomposting business requires cow dung, paddy straw and earthworms. Cow dung in the villages and starch in the farmers’ fields, will be easily available to you at the least cost. To make compost, I buy cow dung from farmers and gaushalas running milk dairy around Karnal and take paddy straw from the farmers. It does not even burn starch and farmers also benefit. You can buy earthworms from the agronomy centers near you. You can start a vermicomposting unit at a cost of 20 to 40 thousand rupees as well. ”

How to vermicompost is made from cow dung manure?

Nirmal Singh says that first of all you choose a land where rain water does not stay and is flat. Because, if water is filled at that place then manure will not be made. Now you have to make composting beds on the ground. For this, you can make two composting beds in a space 30 feet long and nine feet wide. It has a bed four-and-a-half feet wide. For this, first measure and spread a plastic sheet on the ground. Put a brick around the plastic sheet and make a boundary and then put cow dung in it.

Left the job, did not have any land, still earn from agriculture, know how

Before making a composting bed of cow dung, the cow dung should be kept open for three to four days and water should be poured over it. So that the methane gas produced in it is completely removed. Earthworms are made from the top by making a composting bed of cow dung and then on top of this, you put straw / straw. Next, sprinkle water over the composting bed. Where, in the summer, water is to be sprayed every day, then in winter, you can do it at intervals of three to four days. Keep spraying water for about 30 days. Compost is prepared in 40 days and you get complete fertilizer in about 60-65 days.

Vermicomposting Unit:
Be the first to make a composting bed

After extracting the manure, sieve it with a sieve and pack it in packets. Nirmal Singh packs his manure in two kg, five kg, ten kg and forty kg packets. In addition to the sale of manure, he also provides earthworms to farmers. Currently, he has about 150 customers who are directly connected to him.

Free training to farmers:

Apart from making and selling manure himself, Nirmal Singh is also giving free training of Vermicomposting business to other farmers. He says that every Sunday he calls farmers for training on his fields. He told, “I started this training program especially for those farmers who have less land and who can make compost on their own farms by making three to four composting beds. Big farmers are able to buy more amount of fertilizer for their fields, but for small farmers, it is best that they make manure on their own. They need less manure for less land, which they can reduce by making their own cost. ”

Every Sunday, 20-30 farmers come to them for training. Apart from this, if someone wants to stay with them for four to five days and take training, then they can participate in the training session by paying a minimum fee. So far, he has trained over 100 farmers. Sonu Johal, a 33-year-old farmer who is training to make manure from Nirmal Singh, says, “I have been buying manure from Nirmal Singh ji for the last one year. The quality of their manure is very good. I have also gradually become involved with organic farming. Taking training from them, I have started organic farming of vegetables on my half-acre land. ”

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Sonu says, “The cost of organic manure is very low. Also, I have participated in many free training sessions of Nirmal Singh ji. My effort is to make this myself a high quality organic fertilizer for my fields. It can also be started on a small scale. ”

Vermicomposting business
Free training to farmers

Further, Nirmal Singh says that if farmers want to start a Vermicomposting Business, then they can also start at a cost of only 20 to 30 thousand rupees. However, firstly it is very important to get good training. Farmers should first learn how to do vermicomposting. After this, they find sources of cow dung, straw, earthworms etc. around them. From where they get all these things easily and at the least cost. He said, “Composting beds can be started only on their fields or any other land, which farmers do not have to pay very high rent. First, start with three to four composting beds and when you start getting composted, you can further your work. ”

Nirmal Singh is earning about eight lakh rupees annually from his Vermicomposting business. He says in the end, “Today’s time is not to do business but to do business. If you have the idea of ​​a business and you are confident that you will succeed in this, then you should definitely work on it. You can try hand in various types of enterprises related to agriculture. Not only will you benefit from this, you will also be able to give employment to others. ”

If you are inspired by this story then you can contact Nirmal Singh on 9050205626.

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