Grow Roses: Grow with these easy methods, colorful roses, your home and garden will smell good

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When it comes to gardening, the picture of a flower emerges first in the minds of most of us… a rose flower. Yes, roses can be seen in the courtyard, from the balcony to the most famous gardens in the world. These flowers with many colors and seductive smells not only enhance the beauty of the place, but also make many occasions special! For example, if you want to express love, then red rose, if you want to befriend, then yellow rose, if you want to say sorry, someone is white and if you want to praise someone, then pink rose. That is, this rose is used to make every occasion beautiful. Roses captivate everyone with their beauty wherever they are. But, often we wonder how to grow roses in your house? So, today we are going to introduce you to a gardener who is an expert in growing roses and will also tell you easy tips to grow them.

Nayan Moni Hazarika, who hails from Assam, has been growing more than 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables and flowering plants in his home garden for more than 30 years. By the way, Nayan Moni has planted guava, coconut to strawberry, coriander-tomato, chilli etc. in his home garden. At the same time, he has also grown many flowers such as lilies and orchids. However, one corner of their garden is always reserved for roses. Here, she does many experiments with roses and has been growing many colors of roses for years. In their garden you will find six to eight varieties of roses.

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She says that she has been fond of gardening since childhood. He has inherited this hobby from his father and the good thing is that this hobby is also in his children.
Nayan Moni, the school principal by profession, says, “My day begins with watering the plants.” I like to spend time with trees and plants. When you see a seed becoming a fruit or a flower, the experience of that happiness is completely different. ”

How To Grow Roses
Nayan Moni Hazarika

Nayan Moni says that roses can be grown easily in the home garden (How to Grow Rose Plant). These plants can be planted in any kind of climate or environment. Today she is sharing her years of experience of growing roses with us. So, know from Nayan ji how you can easily grow many types of roses (How To Grow Rose Plant) and you can smell your home courtyard!

1. Choice of plants

Nayan Moni says that rose plants can be planted in many ways. The process of planting from seed is quite complex. If you are new to horticulture, then it is better for you to buy plants already planted in pots from any local nursery. Because, they can be easily planted and they grow quickly.

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The second method is to plant bare root plants. The specialty of bare root plants is that in this you get more varieties of roses. Also, they are economical and can be ordered online as well. Their roots have to be soaked in water overnight before planting. It should be noted that the roots should be moist for the first few months after transplanting. Apart from this, you can also plant with a rose pen. In this, cuttings of rose flowers of one or more years old are used.

How To Grow Rose plant

2. Choose the right place

Make sure to take care of the soil before planting roses. The soil should be fertile. If you are planting saplings in the pot, then add organic manure to the soil before planting them. Keep in mind that while planting saplings in the pot, make sure to make two to three holes in it. This will not stop the water in the pot and your plants will not rot. If you have more space and you are planting rose plants in the ground, then keep sufficient distance between the two plants. Rose plants should get six to eight hours of sunlight daily for a beautiful and healthy flower. Therefore, choose a place to plant where they can get enough sunlight. In summer, plant a rose plant in a shade area so that it can be protected from direct sunlight and also get adequate air and water.

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How To Grow Rose plant

3. Right time to plant

By the way, except for summer, roses can be grown throughout the year. But, after the rainy season and before winter, it is best to grow them. They can be easily planted from October to November.

4. Right amount of water

For plants to grow well, the soil must be moist. Plants are healthy by getting sufficient water. The best time to water the plants is in the morning. Take special care of plants during summer. Keep in mind that excessive water causes plants to rotten. Therefore, give water accordingly.

How To Grow Rose plant

5. Fertilize on time

If you keep on fertilizing in time, more and beautiful roses will come in your plant. Add fertilizer once a month. Do not use chemical fertilizers as far as possible. You can also add homemade organic fertilizer to them. Drying eggs and various fruit-vegetable peels and tea leaves, putting them in the roots of plants is very beneficial. Keep in mind that you do not give too much compost in summer. Because, in this season, giving more manure can burn the plants. Apart from this, fertilizer containing nitrogen deficiency should be given during this season.

How To Grow Rose plant

6. sorting out

Regular harvesting and pruning of plants is necessary. This helps the plants to grow. If the plants are not pruned in time, they can be very large, woody and susceptible to diseases. It is necessary to remove their weak and old stalks. Due to which the plants get good air and sunlight. Often, pruning of plants takes place at the beginning of spring. Keep in mind that you cut the rose plants at a 45 degree angle with scissors. You can cut the stem of the flower just above its previous leaf so that another flower can grow soon.

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What are we waiting for! Plant beautiful roses in the terrace, balcony or garden of your house today. Happy Gardening!


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