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Grow Okra: ‘Okra’ can be grown easily in summer, just follow these 7 steps

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In the summer season, a vegetable starts to be made regularly in every household, that is lady’s vegetable. The aroma of delicious vegetables like dry ladyfinger, spiced ladyfinger and stuffed ladyfingers makes the house smell fragile. By the way, we can bring okra from the market very comfortably. But, imagine what it would be like if you grow your favorite ladyfinger at home and then cook and eat it. There will be no double taste! So learn with us today (How to Grow Okra) Some easy and simple ways to grow ladyfingers.

Okra is also known as Okra or Ladies Finger. Okra not only tastes delicious, it also contains nutritious elements like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber.

Deepak Kushwaha, a terrace garden expert living in Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, says, “With a little time and a little hard work, we can grow green, fresh and chemical free ladyfingers at home.” He says that hot weather is right for the lady finger. Therefore, the time between February and May is right for planting okra seeds.

Sharing her experience of kitchen gardening with The Better India, Deepak says, “The lady finger needs enough sunlight. Generally, people think that ladyfinger plants will dry up in more sunlight and they often make the mistake of keeping the plants under shade. Initially I made the same mistake. But the plants in the shade soon start to deteriorate and you may not get the yield you expect. ”

How To Grow Okra

Deepak has also started a YouTube channel called Terrace and Gardening, where he is teaching gardening tricks to thousands of people. Deepak has shared many important information regarding growing ladyfingers. He says that the current season is perfect for sowing ladyfinger seeds. Plants grow well in 30 to 35 degree centigrade temperature and also give good yield. So let me know from Deepak how to grow ladyfingers in the pot.

Potatoes should be at least 12X12 inches in size for growing okra. The roots of ladyfingers grow larger and go deeper. If you want, you can also use a gro bag of the same size. In a container or grow bag of this size, one to two plants can be planted. 10 to 15 plants is enough for a family to consume.

How To Grow Okra

Pottery soil should be right for a good crop. For this, you take 50% normal soil, 30% to 40% compost and 20% cocopite. According to Deepak, manure made from cow dung is best for lady finger. At the same time, cocopite helps in maintaining soil moisture, which helps the plant to grow properly in summer.

For good yield, it is very important to use good seeds. If you want, buy its seeds from a good nursery or seed shop. However, these seeds can also be made at home. But seeds made in this season can only be used in the next season. To make seeds at home, you must leave some lady finger on the plant. In one to two weeks, the ladyfingers will dry up and start appearing tough. Their color will be green to light brown. Now break them and dry them well in the sun. Then, break them and remove the seeds from inside. You can plant these seeds in the next season.

After sowing seeds in pot soil, it comes to water. Deepak says that plants should get water as per need. By over-watering, plants often get spoiled. For example, when plants are small, they need to be watered once in two days. But, once these plants grow, they need to be watered daily. You touch the pot of soil with hands, if the soil is wet then there is no need to give water. But, if the top layer of soil is dry then add water.

According to Deepak, okra plants should get sufficient sunlight only then the plants grow properly and remain healthy and give good yield. By keeping these plants in the shade, they increase their length, but they soon begin to wilt.

For ladyfinger plants, periodically fertilizing is extremely important. Because every second-third day we harvest from these plants. For okra plants, manure made from cow dung is good and yield is also good. Apart from this, you can also make compost by adding vermicompost or wet waste coming out of the kitchen. If you want, you can change all three or put one of the compost in the plants. It is very important to fertilize every twenty days.

  • Pest Control:

Ladyfinger does not have too many insects. However, sometimes the aphid pest attacks, causing the plant to get damaged. To avoid this, you can spray neem oil. Alternatively, mix any herbal shampoo or liquid dishwasher in one liter of water and prepare the mixture and spray it on the plants. Generally, insects and spiders do not attack and do not cause problems with insects when kept in the sun.

You can watch video of growing ladyfinger in pot.

Then what are you waiting for? Bring pots today and definitely try growing ladyfinger during this summer. Believe me, the taste of ladyfinger grown at home is different.

If you want to take ladyfinger or any other vegetable seeds for kitchen gardening or want to know more about it, you can contact Deepak on 8770200586 or on their website.

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