Experts are telling you how to make compost from potato peel

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It is difficult to imagine life without food. Just as humans and other creatures need nutrients to survive and grow, in the same way, plants are also essential for nutrients. We see many times that even after keeping the plants in an open space and watering daily, they do not grow or wilt properly. One reason for this may be the lack of nutrients reaching the plants. Compost manure is the easiest way to deliver nutrients to plants. Today, we are telling you how in a very easy way, Compost from Potato Peels can be made from potato peels.

Compost From Potato Peels

Deepak Kushwaha, a Terrace Garden Expert living in Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, shared with The Better India how to make compost from potato peels. He says, “Often we manage the soil for the plants but, do not care whether the right amount of nutrients are reaching the plants or not. If the essential nutrients do not reach the plants, then their growth stops and the yield decreases. ”

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Compost From Potato Peels

Compost manure is an easy way to deliver nutrients to plants. Deepak says, “Plants grow faster using compost manure and flower and fruit yields are also good.”

Compost From Potato Peels

Deepak Terrace has been gardening for the last two years. Now the dependence of Deepak on the market for vegetables has reduced considerably. Many vegetables like brinjal, tomato, gourd, bitter gourd, lamp are now grown at home. Recently, Deepak has obtained a yield of 15 to 20 kg from a tomato plant. In April 2020, Deepak has also created a YouTube channel called Terrace and Gardening for information on plant maintenance. He has more than one lakh subscribers in just three months.

Deepak prepares compost for plants at home. He says that it has many benefits. Besides making this compost easy and cheap, it does not require any special technique to make it. The material required to make compost is found around us. Also, compost does not cause any harm to the environment. As such it is made using the things present in nature. Grains and vegetables prepared with compost taste good.

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Deepak explains that it takes neither much effort nor much expense to make compost. We can deliver essential nutrients to the plants by making manure from the waste coming out of our kitchens. He says that the easiest way to make compost is through potato peels. Potato peels come out of our kitchen everyday and we throw them away as useless.

Deepak says, “Potato peels are very important for the growth of plants. These potato peels are rich in nutrients like potassium, magnesium phosphorus and vitamins. All these nutrients increase the growth of our plants by leaps and bounds. This compost can be given in any plant and in any season. ”

Method of making compost from potato peel

Deepak says that to make compost you need three things. Potato peels, water and a container or container.

1. Take about a handful of potato peel in a container. Now add 1 liter of water to it.

2. Close the container. Keep this mixture aside for three to four days.

3. Open the container every 24 hours and mix this solution well with a spoon.

4. Sieve it with sieve after three to four days.

5. Now add equal amount of plain water to the filtered water.

6. Compost is completely ready for use in plants.

You can see this whole method in this video as well.

So what is the delay, from today, keep the potato peels in the container, not in the garbage, make compost and put it in the plants. This will also make the plant grow well and your garden will also look beautiful.

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