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Chandigarh: Strawberry business started from home, delivering fresh strawberries to 1100 customers

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During the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic, many people learned many new skills. Some learned painting and some gardening. Also, many people started their own business as well. Today we are introducing you to a pair of such siblings, who made a small start to their business in lockdown with Strawberry Farming. After getting good results this year, they have started their brand as well. We are talking about the instinct of Narula and his brother Parth Narula, who live in Chandigarh.

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Vritti and Parth, together with their parents, have started the strawberry and its cuisine business from home. He has named his brand Freshville, through which he is providing fresh strawberries and five dishes made from it such as jam, sugar-free jam, crush, slush and ginger ale to customers in Chandigarh city. Interestingly, 26-year-old Vritti is a jewelery designer and 21-year-old Parth is still in college. Along with their studies and work, both siblings are also running this business.

Speaking to The Better India, Vritti said, “Our whole family loves strawberries. We always try to buy good, tasty and organic fresh strawberries. But, it is very difficult to get fresh strawberries in the market. So, we decided why not to grow strawberries ourselves! We have some land in New Chandigarh and that’s where we started organic farming of strawberries. ”

Start in lockdown:

In November 2019, he planted strawberries on about half an acre of land. Whose produce, they started getting from March 2020. She thought that along with having strawberries for her family, she would also bring fresh strawberries to her friends and relatives. But the lockdown was announced in March 2020. He told, “When our strawberry produce started coming in, the lockdown started. In such a situation, a lot of our strawberries were also spoiled out of the first one or two produce. We felt that if it continues like this, then there will be a lot of loss. Therefore, we considered feeding fresh strawberries to the people in Chandigarh itself. ”

Vritti and Parth, in several WhatsApp groups, told people about their strawberries and as they started getting orders, they themselves went door-to-door distributing strawberries. However, the yield was still very high and their strawberries survived. Then, they considered processing it. Vritti says that her mother, Meenu Narula, played the most important role in this work. Because, she is the one who prepares all the recipes of strawberries.

Strawberry Farming
Strawberry Jam

Says 50-year-old Meenu, “I have always been fond of making a variety of dishes. But, the idea of ​​making things for business like this never came. Now, when my hobby has got the form of business, it is very happy. When people praise our jam, crush and slush, it feels very good. I think every woman should try to improve her skills and carry it forward. ”

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Vritti and Parth say that 400 customers were added to them last year and they also got good profits. Therefore, he decided to pursue this work.

Started own brand:

Seeing the response from the people, he has planted strawberries on four acres this time. They state that they have brought strawberry plants from Himachal Pradesh and they are growing strawberries in organic ways. He started with only two varieties, but this time he has planted six varieties of strawberries. In November 2020, he planted strawberries and in February 2021, he started getting his produce.

He said, “But this time we have done everything well. First of all, we got our brand registered and got FSSAI certificate. Also, created our own page on Instagram so that people can contact us there. Apart from this, we have kept separate people for delivery so that goods can be delivered to customers on time. ”

It is the effort of instinct and Parth that on the same day the produce of strawberries comes from the field, the same day all these produce are delivered to the customers. Their aim is to feed fresh strawberries to the customers. They say that these strawberries are delivered to customers within about five-seven hours of the breakage of the farm. At the moment, they are getting 80 to 100 orders every day. By the way, his work is currently only in Chandigarh, but people keep contacting him from other cities as well.

Strawberry Farming
Strawberries in their fields

Aarti Bajaj, a 45-year-old resident of Panchkula, is a dietician by profession and is regularly buying strawberries and other products from Freshville. She says, “Strawberries have a good amount of vitamin-C and are helpful in increasing immunity. Last year, when Vritti and Parth started their work, I have been taking strawberries from them for my family ever since. The best thing is that his strawberries are organic and I have also visited his farm. I am very happy to see the way those people are working. Because of this work, many women are employed. ”

At the same time, Kiran Samar Singh, 73, who lives in Chandigarh, says, “In lockdown when we could not go out anywhere, Vritti and Parth made regular deliveries.” Their strawberries are organic and they also have many varieties of it. So not only us but many people living in our building, buy strawberries and jam, crush etc. from them. The best thing is that they have sugar-free jam, which is very good for health. They are also delivered on time and we get fresh strawberries the day they pluck strawberries from the farm. Some French people also live in our buildings, they also order strawberries from them constantly.

Strawberry Farming
All their dishes

Currently, they deliver orders in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula and around 1100 customers are associated with them. Vritti says that like last season, this time he is getting good response. His earnings were more than one lakh rupees in the last season and this time he is expecting more profit. In the end, they just say that whatever chance you get, try to make it better for yourself. If you have an idea, work on it immediately. Because, if you just keep thinking, then you will not be able to move forward.

If you want to know more about ‘Freshville’, you can check their Instagram page.

Inputs: hindi.thebetterindia.com

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