A bank clerk who grows vegetables without soil, income is 40 thousand rupees every month

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Many people feel that plants cannot be grown without soil. but it’s not like that. With the ‘hydroponics method’ (water culture) you can grow greens and vegetables without soil, using only water and some nutrients. The technique of growing plants without soil, only in water or sand or in a controlled climate between pebbles, is called the hydroponic technique. The word hydroponic originated from the two Greek words ‘Hydro’ and ‘Ponos’. Hydro means water, while ponos means work.

With this technique, you can get a better yield in less space and less water. Today many people, especially urban farmers, are taking the production of greens and vegetables in this manner. With this technique, people can also cultivate their roofs and any person can start farming on the roof of their house, by learning this technique or by training from anywhere. Many people are using this technique, along with their jobs, as an additional income tool. Today we are introducing you to one such person. Ankit Gupta, a 39-year-old bank clerk living in Ludhiana, Punjab, has now become an urban farmer.

Ankit has been consuming greens and vegetables on his roof for almost two years now. Interestingly, their vegetables grown in this way are reaching customers in Ludhiana and adjoining cities. In addition to delivering yield to customers, he also helps people in setting up ‘hydroponics’ set-ups on orders. He has also started his own startup.

how Hui Beginning:

Ankit has worked in the Indian Navy and after retirement, he started working as a clerk in the bank. He is very fond of gardening. He wanted to do gardening in a different way on the roof. Regarding this, he said, “I wanted to do gardening on the terrace. As we all know that the roof gets a lot of weight due to soil. Therefore, I planned to do gardening in a different way. One day I came to know about hydroponics on YouTube. I liked this method but, there was no one around who knew more about it. So for about six months I read and understood about it through YouTube. ”

When he felt a little confident that he could start farming with hydroponics technology, he could not find anyone around him to set up and provide it. He says, “First, the family also had to work hard to convince them for this work. Because, he had never heard of any such method. So they were hesitating a little. Second, when I asked people about the hydroponics setup, I did not get any reply. In such a situation, I took help from people doing farming with hydroponics technology in different cities through social media and set up my own setup. ”

At first he set up a setup with only 50 plants and started with spinach. When he got success in this, he increased his setup. Today he has setup of two thousand plants, which he is growing with the ‘Deep Flow Technique (DFT). In addition, he also has 50 growbags, in which he grows greens and vegetables using nutrients such as cocopite, and perlite. He is also growing green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, celery as well as tomatoes, peppers, peas and cucumbers etc. His cost of this entire setup was 1.25 lakh rupees.

Hydroponics Farming
He has a setup of 2000 plants

Made up Apart from Income Of Resources:

Ankit says that he started this only for his family. But during the lockdown, his acquaintances also started asking him for vegetables. At first, they delivered vegetables to only a few people. But, as demand grew, he started his own startup. He is now regularly delivering vegetables to around 70 customers through his startup, ‘SevenSease Hydroponics’.

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He told, “People give us orders on WhatsApp or call and we deliver vegetables to them accordingly. Earlier, I was growing vegetables according to my calculations. But now I produce fruits and vegetables according to the demand of the customers. Gradually our customers are also increasing because, nowadays everyone is conscious about health and fitness. Therefore, people need only chemical-free and nutritious greens. ”

Along with delivering organic and healthy vegetables to customers, they also sell essentials for setting up Ankit, Cocopit, Grow Bag and Hydroponics. He explains that as people are getting to know about this technique, many people want to learn it and also want to setup it here. Currently, he is earning over 40 thousand rupees every month from his startup. Ankit says that he never thought that a small effort of his would turn into a business.

Bank Clerk
Tomato grown in Hydroponics setup

But now, he and his family want to take this work forward. He is also working on plans to train people on hydroponics techniques. He advises everyone that if you are interested in gardening and want to do something different, then try the hydroponics technique once.

If you want to contact Ankit Gupta, you can email him at sevenseashydroponics@gmail.com or see his Instagram page.

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