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5 Online Shops, Where Can You Buy Gardening Kit!

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During the lockdown in the country due to the Corona epidemic, many people moved towards ‘home gardening’. It is not that in the past people did not do gardening in their homes. But in the free time found during the lockdown, more people became aware of it. Especially in cities, people started using small areas available in their balconies, terrace or patio for gardening. And now many people have started teaching gardening to their children too. Nowadays on social media people keep sharing pictures of vegetables, microgreens grown in their homes. Due to the increasing trend towards gardening, the trend of Gardening Kit has also increased in the market. These gardening kits are especially for the city dwellers who have trouble arranging things like mud and sand around them. Also, many people do not even have enough time to gather things from different places first and then start gardening. So Gardening Kit is a better option because it already has all the essentials.

Today we are telling you about 5 such online stores, which are providing different types of Gardening Kit, from children to elders.

1. Sow and Grow:

Gardening Kit

Neha Saharan, 38, who lives in Gurugram, started her startup ‘almost three years ago.Sow and Grow’ Was introduced. She says that she started the Gardening Kit with children in mind. But in the last one year, not only children but people of all ages have bought Gardening Kit from them. He told, “I have been associated with children’s birthdays, events and gifting business for quite some time. Earlier we used to provide plants for children’s gifts. But, then it was felt that children should be given something so that they can experience the process of planting seeds and growing the plant themselves. Therefore, we started making a very easy growing gardening kit for seeds. ”

Sow and Grow’ You can buy a Gardening Kit of flowers, medicinal plants, vegetables and microgreens. Apart from individual Gardening Kit, you can also buy ‘seed ball’ and ‘plantable’ stationery from them. Neha said that her Gardening Kit consists of seeds, a biodegradable flower pot, four cocoa coins (cocopit is given as coins), earthworm manure and a ‘marker stick’. On the marker stick, you can apply the name of the vegetable or flower in the pot, whose seeds you have sown in the pot. Also, write the date of planting seeds on it, so that it will be easy for you to notice the growth of the plants.

His ‘microgreen kit’ is also very special. Neha says that in many places a micro-use kit comes with a single-use plastic container, but in her kit she provides reusable (frequent use) containers and spray bottles with seeds, earthworm manure, cocoapeat. This allows customers to spend just once for the entire kit. After this, they only have to buy seeds and they can use old containers and spray bottles only.

2. Bombay Green:

DIY Gardening Kit

The couple, based in Mumbai, Tanvi and Ankur Aggarwal started their startup during lockdown in 2020. Gardeners who have been gardening on their terrace for quite some time, about 90% of the kitchen needs of Tanvi and Ankur are met by the garden. In particular, he got a lot of help from his garden in the lockdown and he started sharing his pictures on social media. Seeing these pictures, hundreds of people contacted him on social media to ask how they too can grow vegetables in their home.

While giving different answers to everyone, this couple came up with the idea that why not make a Gardening Kit for people so that people can easily grow vegetables in their homes. Tanvi states that her grow kit consists of three different varieties of seeds, cocopite, organic manure and three small pots. In addition, they also put a guidance manual in the kit for the convenience of the people. You can buy flowers, vegetables, medicinal plants as well as green leafy salad kits and herbal tea kits.

In each of their kits, they give seeds of three different types of plants, such as in herbal tea kit, you will find the seeds of chamomile, roselle and butterfly pea, in another kit Broccoli, zucchini and purple cabbage seeds will be found. Customers can purchase the kit from their wish.

3. Upaj Farm:

Gardening Kit upaj farm

Living in Vadodara, Gujarat, Avni Jain started farming in 2009 after working as an architect for many years. Gradually, he acquired a good knowledge of organic farming and horticulture and then considered sharing his knowledge with other people as well. Subsequently, he started ‘Upaz Farms’ and under his brand, he also introduced the Gardening Kit Kit for the urban people. She explains that due to the increasing awareness among people about pure and healthy food, many people now want to eat fruits and vegetables grown in organic ways.

But, everywhere you do not find organic fruits and vegetables in the market. Therefore, the best way is for people to do kitchen gardening in their own homes. Therefore, he designed his kit. Customers can purchase gardening kits of fruits, vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants from them.

Their Gardening Kit consists of a biodegradable flowerpot, seed, potting mix, organic manure, marker sticker, gardening manual (methods and directions for planting the seed) and observation sheet. On that sheet, you can write the date of planting the seed, the date of germination and the time of giving water and fertilizer etc.

4. Sangita’s Green Gallery:

Gardening Kit by Sangita

Sangeeta Porwal, who lives in Nashik, Maharashtra, has been gardening for the past several years. Along with this, she is also running a nursery from her home, which is named ‘Sangita’s Green Gallery’. Along with doing online workshops on gardening, she also provides a wide variety of trees to the people. Along with this, he also started preparing the Gardening Kit in 2020.

She says, “I get a lot of orders from outside Nashik. But, I am not able to take very far orders, because my setup is not on a large scale. I do not have enough means to send plants to people in distant cities. So I thought of preparing a Gardening Kit. Through them, I can reach as many people as possible. ”

Apart from flowers, vegetables, you can also buy microgreen kits. They have different kits, like – in a kit you will get only one type of seeds, then in a kit you will get many types of seeds. In addition to seeds, the kit contains a biodegradable flower pot, potting mix, cocopeat, organic manure, marker stick, and gardening manual. His microgreen kit has four types of seeds, grow trays, potting mixes, spray bottles, marker sticks, along seedling guidelines.

To get or buy information about gardening kits from Sangeeta, you can message them on 9323392546 or you can also contact on Instagram.

5. The Organic Farm:

organic farm

Alladi Mahadevan, living in Chennai, in 1995 ‘The Organic Farm‘, So that he could feed people pure and chemical-free food. But last year, many people also approached him for the Gardening Kit during the lockdown. Therefore, he designed a special kind of gardening kit.

He told that he has prepared his kit with the ‘Zero Plastic Concept’. In addition to the five types of seeds in this kit, there are groves made of banana stem and potting mixes. He says that it is a complete Gardening Kit. After purchasing this kit, customers will not have to wander around for anything else. Their grow bags can be used repeatedly and the quantity of seeds is also high so that the customer can grow the plant at least three times. Click here to buy their gardening kit.

Then what are you waiting for! Order online today your Gardening Kit of choice and start your gardening journey. You can also buy Gardening Kit for your children so that they can be connected to nature from childhood.

Happy Gardening.

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